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our story

we began performing live from our home on a whim in january of 2016.

We’re Travis and Allie. We’re married and we perform live music together on Twitch with the help tolerance of our trusty cats, Coda and Oates. (And Pudge.)

Not too long ago, Allie interviewed bands and sang in secret, Travis traveled the world as a professional bass player, and both of us worked a series of unsatisfying office jobs. We met our last semester of college in an English course titled Literature and Culture of the 1960s, played songs in a park on our first date, and recorded an impressive number of Christmas songs for our friends and family over the years, but it wasn’t until January of 2016 that we stumbled onto a new and exciting avenue for sharing our music.

now, we work full-time together on a project we love.

In just a few short months of livestreaming, we achieved more creative goals than we ever could’ve dreamed, from a Twitch partnership to hitting 50K followers. But most importantly, we get to work together on a project that we love, and we’ve discovered an incredibly kind-hearted and closely knit online community that makes every day of “work” that much more fun and exciting. To say that we are grateful and honored to be a part of it is an understatement.

here’s what we’ve been working on lately.

In 2016, we hosted a panel at TwitchCon called “The Future of Live Music,” discussing the huge potential of online streaming for independent musicians. In 2017, we recorded and self-released our debut EP, Six Songs. For more info about us, check out our FAQ page.

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