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Stream Production

Top 5 Platforms for Streaming Live Music

Last updated: January 28, 2018 When you search for "online music streaming" these days, two kinds of results usually pop up -- audio-only services like Spotify and Pandora, and sites that broadcast Grateful Dead concerts for folks who can't make it to the in-person shows. But there's a...

Gear Guide for Music Streaming

 Whether the idea of performing music online is new to you, or if you’ve been wanting to try it out but aren’t sure what equipment to get, this guide will show you what you need to get started.

How to Set Up a DAW for Streaming

A digital audio workstation (DAW; ex: Reaper, Ableton, Pro Tools) is the software that you will use to mix and record your audio. Getting started in a DAW can be confusing for newcomers to audio production, not to mention the complications that are added when also using streaming software like OBS or XSplit. This guide will show you how to get up and running in a DAW, and then how you can use the audio from your DAW during a live broadcast.