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Audio Production

Microphone Comparison I

Radio Shack Highball  |  Shure SM58  |  Audio-Technica AT2021  |  Audio-Technica AT2010  |  Audio-Technica AE3300  |  Electro-Voice RE20  |  Audio-Technica AT4050  |  Neumann TLM 102  |  Neumann KM 184

Audio Interfaces: an introduction

An audio interface is what allows you to plug microphones and instruments into your computer for use in recording or live streaming. Below we will review the differences between many great interfaces ranging in price from about $100 to $2000.

Headphones: an introduction

There are over 50,000 different headphones for sale on, so shopping for headphones can easily become overwhelming. This guide is meant to help you narrow your search criteria by explaining the differences between various types of headphones, allowing you to identify the ones that are right for you.